When the entire world was pushed to the wall by a lethal virus, we turned to the singular refuge of solutions for unknowns – Science, or to be exact, nanotechnology.

It was not only to find an effective and decisive way to defend ourselves from this invisible enemy, but also to equip ourselves against any similar attack that would break-out and overwhelm us in the future.

As the medical fraternity raced against the clock to understand the nature and the behaviour of this faceless foe, it also fuelled fear forcing the world to lock themselves in for want of better information. The most obvious solution to defend against breathing it in, was wearing a Mask.

The Attack of the Clones

Masks of all sizes, shapes soon flooded the marketplace with the end user having absolutely no surety on the effectiveness of any of them. And here was a new predicament – you knew you needed the mask to save you, but you had absolutely no idea if it is what stopped the microbes! You wouldn’t even want to wait for a better version that gave you reasonable surety. For most, fear won, egged on by necessity. We knew there had to be a better answer with science.

The Wonder Material called Graphene

We found our answer in Graphene – what the world of material science has been raving as ‘The Wonder Material‘. We developed Nano Membranes made with our Graphene Silver Nanotechnology (Patent pending) that would kill bacterial and virus cells!’

Say Hello to the G1 Wonder Mask

The G1 Wonder Mask ( an inherent mnemonic tribute to jīvan – Sanskrit for ‘life), using patent-pending Graphene-Silver Nanotechnology, that instantly kills 99% of microbes on contact. G1 Wonder Mask is powered with the layer of NM Graphene-Silver Membrane which is treated using world’s first Graphene-Silver Nanotechnology (patent pending). The NM Graphene-Silver Membrane is washable, breathable and has 99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency).

Certified by NABL / Government-approved laboratories

The NM Graphene-Silver Membrane with the Graphene-Silver Nanotechnology has been tested & certified by the following laboratories – SITRA, CEG Test House, Himway Test House, Seagull Bio Solutions, Biotech Testing Services & ITS Laboratories.

You are witnessing a scientific marvel (Patent pending) invented in India. Be the first to share it among your friends and make a positive impact.